Extended Warranties

Extended Warranties:

These warranties are subjected to the same terms and conditions and the original warranties.


Extended Warranties are available as follows:


* For ML08 Mini Loader; ZLY08F Bosvark; ZLY10F Vlakvark and Meerkat Forklift: R 40 000.00 excl. vat

* For ML18 Buffel; ZA18T Buffel; ZA20T Buffel and Rooikat Forklift: R 50 000.00 excl. vat

* For CL935 Renoster: R 70 000.00 excl. vat

* For CL958 Olifant: R 90 000.00 excl. vat

* For Ystervark Mulcher: R 60 000.00 excl. vat

* For ZA20F Mulcher: R 80 000.00 excl. vat


The Extended Warranties is only available at time of purchase fo machine and it cannot be taken up at any time after machine has been purchased.